I am on my seventh week here in Southern California and thought (truth be told, I was pressured) to go through a 3-day detox or a “Cleanse”. I have never undergone one before and went with the Sambazon Purifying Cleanse program which consisted of three organic beverages and a meal plan with the goal of “preparing the body for renewal, helps eliminates toxins, and recharges your energy level”.


Day 1 was a challenge. The breakfast drink of 10-oz. of Acerola Cherry + Lemon + Cayenne Superfood Juice was awful! It was recommended to go with 10 to 15 raw almonds, which, thank heavens, helped neutralize the taste for me. I missed the recommended mid-morning snack of quinoa and was starving before lunch time. Lunch was another 10-oz. superfood juice, this time comprised of Kale + Parsley + Cucumber, and a red potato and green bean salad. Again, I missed the salad part (duh!) and went on my day. Good thing a mid-day snack was recommended which is a 10-oz. juice of Brazil Nut + Cashew + Cocoa. This is the best tasting of the three juices and has the consistency of a smoothie drink. Come dinner, it was an open-faced veggie burger (two patties) with tomato and avocado. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any tomatoes or avocados (call me prepared), so I just devoured the veggie patties. Surprisingly, it was filled with spices which made it quite tasty (Morningstar brand). I go to bed that evening starving and didn’t sleep well as I could feel a mixture of headache and hunger pangs!


Day 2 – I wake up lethargic because of the lack of sleep and a feeling of an on-and-off buzzing headache. I feel this way the whole day. Same ritual again on the juices, but this time I was better prepared. I had a mid-morning snack consisting of a cup of organic strawberries. My veggie burger dinner now included two slices of tomatoes. I slept very well that night.

Day 3 – I wake up relaxed and feeling good (is it because of the knowledge that this is the last day?). Went to the gym for cardio and a few strength training exercises. Same juices, same food. I do feel better and “lighter”! At the end of the day, I asked my 13-year old nephew if he notices anything different with me. The reply: “No”!

I go further holistic with a visit to a clinic that “blends the best of the east and west” medicine. Comprised of an M.D. Family Physician and her partner, an Acupuncturist licensed in California and Beijing. They collaborate on individual assessment and treatment based on complementary and traditional medicine. After reviewing with me my profile, I was asked to lie down and stuck with two needles in my arms, two in my chest midpoint and another two in my legs. This was combined with meditation and chakra balancing. The acupuncturist notices some “hesitation” in my body. He is right – as I worry if I move that I might accidentally push the needles deeper! I’m not sure if true meditation leads to falling asleep, but I woke up thirty minutes later all refreshed and relaxed.

And true to its new age roots, the fee is on a sliding scale or pay-as-you-can. Welcome to California!

4 thoughts on “Detox & Needles

  1. “Detox and Needles” certainly sounds way more ominous than cleansing shakes and acupuncture. Gary, your relative proximity to Hollywood has given you a flair for the dramatic

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