I am back in Carlsbad for two weeks and it has become a habit of sorts to go through a three-day juice cleanse / detox while I am here. This will be the third time I am going through the Fountain of Youth Juice cleanse program this year, first one was in the new year and the second in March.  It is designed to naturally boost the immune system, flush toxins from the body, feed vital organs with oxygen, and cleanse the intestines and colon.

The suggested instructions are the same: consume one 64 ounce bottle of juice a day, with an 8 ounce glass every hour. Come dinner time, a protein dinner of broiled fish or chicken breast. No red meat, starches, pasta, bread, dairy, sugars and alcohol.

I must say that this time around, I had no opposition to the taste of the three types of juices (V6 for the first day, Green Juice for day two, and V10 for the last day). My taste buds have probably gotten used to it. The first day went quite well with no feeling of hunger at all. The second day was a bit more of a challenge – but that could also be because there were no World Cup games to keep my mind preoccupied! I managed to go on and finish the juice for the third day until dinner time – when I had a strong urge for Korean BBQ. Blame it on “pent up demand” but for the record, I just had chicken bulgogi – no kalbi or black angus brisket!

Final verdict: I feel better, healthier and lighter – probably due to the fact that I have misplaced six pounds. Wonder how long this will last this time…



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