Meaning “Good Day” or “Good” morning in Greek.     Good food is aplenty in Greece. From seafood, to feta and saganaki, and a number of delectable wines. In the village of Fira in the island of Santorini, the hotel concierge sent me to Idol. A remarkable recommendation for local food with a view of the caldera.   In the village of Oia, Skala serves solid and delicious traditional Greek food. Add to that, is the amazing view. Red Bicycle is located in a 19th century mansion on the cliff edge and also affords an excellent view. The food is modern and…


The village of Oia in the island of Santorini is one that is very much photographed. A picturesque village of blue-domed churches, white houses and tiny alleyways huddled on the hillside overlooking the volcano. Oia is also famous for its photogenic sunsets. What is the caldera? That is one question I had when I started reading about this island and the said term kept coming up. The caldera is the water-filled cauldron that lies off Santorini and was created in 1450 BC when a huge volcanic eruption blasted through the once circular island, creating its current crescent shape.


The Cyclades are among the most stunning Greek islands and no island in this group of islands epitomizes the Greek vacation experience than Santorini. Crescent in shape, Santorini owes its formation to a massive volcano eruption in 1450 BC. The resulting under water crater has been associated with the legend of the lost city of Atlantis. Santorini remains at the centre of the South Aegean Volcanic Arc. Named by the Venetians in the 13th century, this stunning island of dazzling white villages, black sand beaches, thermal springs and luxuriant vineyards is a quintessential Greek island.


The cradle of Western civilization, Athens is both ancient and modern. Homeland to gods, goddesses and some of history’s greatest philosophers and athletes, Athens boast glorious ancient temples. It is my first time in Greece and this bustling city is a mix of history and edginess. Even in the face of current financial issues, this city is open-air museum and at the same time, conspicuously cosmopolitan. The magnificent Acropolis rises above the sprawling metropolis – merging past and present.