Lounging Around

Not all airline lounges are created equal. Most provide the basic of offering comfortable seating, flat screen television, free wifi and snacks. While a few airline lounges are unfortunately — for lack of a better term — lame, some however have taken the extra step of creating well thought out spaces by ingenious interior designers to indulge their premium flyers. These appealing lounges come complete with full bars (including sake bars!), made-to-order noodle stations in Asia (more than your cold sandwiches and peanuts) and private shower rooms with well-stocked toiletries. The competition for in-flight comfort and amenities has definitely expanded to the ground!


From the serenity and simplicity of Bhutan, I arrived in the very global and on the surface, very consumer-driven city-state of Singapore. Initially, it is a bit of a shock to the senses coming from a landscape of rice fields, mountains and monasteries to a canyon of steel and glass towers, well manicured avenues and high end shopping malls. However, upon a closer look there is a cultural soul. I stayed at the Fairmont Singapore at Raffles City. Location is execllent as it is above a shopping mall with a subway stop and close to the central business district. Service is very…