I have to confess that I have never been to Buffalo, New York despite it being only a two-hour drive across the border. So on a lazy but sunny Sunday, I joined friends who were raving about Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in the Theatre District of Buffalo. After we stuffed ourselves, we went for a leisurely walk in the Niagara Falls State Park to see how the “other side” sees the famous falls. Without bias, the view from the Canadian side is infinitely better!

Statue of Nikola Tesla

What I found more interesting are the few signs I spotted across town. Signs that might alarm the skittish — yet others might find humour in them. Buffalo may not have been one exotic travel destination – but it did present its own sense of “adventure”!



Spotted outside a gas station


  1. Andres Bernal

    Love that sign, “Vernal’s Arm Sales”! Haha,


    1. Ha! Any relation?

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