I am back in Carlsbad, California for the Easter holidays. There was no marine layer this morning which made it a gorgeous sunny morning (at 19C degrees) for a walk on Tamarack Beach.





Birds in flight


Military helicopters in flight

Making it into Zagat’s “8 Hottest Restaurants in San Diego” for 2013, Rakiraki is a ramen house in the Convoy area that is attracting a lot of attention — especially for its ramen burger (think ramen instead of buns)!




4 thoughts on “Walk on the Beach

  1. Gary, there is so much blue sky in Carlsbad. As for the ramen place, that is where ended eating on my trip to San DIego last fall. It was an expensive cab ride from downtown but it was neat to see San Diego’s version of an Asian shopping area. G

  2. Hey Gary, I’m currently working on a review of Rakiraki Ramen & Tsukemen and was wondering if I could use a photo of yours in my article. I’ll include a link back to this page. I’m posting my request here because I couldn’t find a ‘contact me’ page or anything, I hope you don’t mind.

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