It must have been a movie that I saw more than ten years ago that had me dreaming of traveling to the Sahara one day. Three years ago, I headed to Central Morocco to fulfill this dream — to the desert in Erg Chebbi, where the dunes can  reach up to 150 m or 492 ft high. Starting off in the late afternoon (to avoid the heat) at the town of Merzouga, I rode a camel for an hour and a half to arrive at a campground that has been set up in the middle of the desert. Mint tea was served and a delectable tagine dinner was prepared. This was followed by after-dinner entertainment of live Berber music. Overnight was spent in a warm and cozy Berber tent and to awake early to catch the spectacular sunrise – where the surreal mountain-range like sand mass changes from gold, pink and red.


Black hammada (pre-Sahara) leads up to the edge of the sand dunes








My trusty camel


Catching the sunrise


Berber tent campground


Berber drum music


A thirsty camel

2 thoughts on “Sahara

  1. Hey “mr roughing it” aren’t you going to share with all your followers how you got out… By land rover … Or shd I say “your majesty”

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