Hvala Vam

Thank you” in Croatian.

Goodbye to the magnificent city of Dubrovnik, proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lunch at LAJK Restaurant was very pleasant serving good family style local food. Not to mention the nice view of a church down the street.

Located right at the foot of the Jesuit stairs is Konoba Kolosseum, serving both local and international food.

The first Michelin Plate restaurant I tried was Restoran Dubrovnik. Located on a rooftop with a very polished service, the dishes were delightful. They serve both tasting and ala carte menus.

The best meal I had was at another Michelin Plate restaurant, Bistro Tavulin. A family restaurant also located in the Old Town serving dishes with local ingredients.

Coffee break at Gradska Kavana Arsenal.

I stayed at the Hilton Imperial Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Croatia dating back to 1897. It has been totally renovated and its outstanding location outside of the Old Town close to Pile Gate is convenient. Staff is highly professional.

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