Europe’s first planned city built in the 17th century, Valetta is UNESCO World Heritage listed because of it high concentration of historic monuments. Valetta is Malta‘s capital built by the Knights of St. John on a peninsula that stretches only 1 km by 600 m. Decreed by its founder that it should be “a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen”, Valetta retains its 16th century elegance and is designated as European Capital of Culture for 2018 (and that is one of the reasons I am here).

Renzo Piano’s Parliament House

Victory Church

Grand Master’s Palace

St. John’s Co-Cathedral is one of the most magnificent baroque and ornate churches in the world. Built between 1573 and 1578, the guilded vaults, painted ceilings, polychrome marble floors reveal the power and wealth of the Order. Attached to the church are the Oratory which houses two paintings by Caravaggio.

The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist by Caravaggio

Saint Jerome Writing – Caravaggio