Welkom terug in Amsterdam

It’s been five years when I last stayed in Amsterdam for a month. I fell for this city the first time I visited fifteen years ago and felt it was time that I return once again to one of my favourites for an extended long weekend. Amsterdam somehow manages to have it all – the buzz of a metropolis, great museums, beautiful architecture, yet small enough to walk (or cycle) almost anywhere you want. And, no unbearable summer heat this time of the year!

Many news outlets are now reporting that this city is becoming the new Venice, a city stolen by tourists. Tourist numbers have risen stratospherically and overtourism may poison what attracts many people here in the first place. Maybe because it is the tail end of summer or I have figured out where the “road less travelled” spots are – but it is not as bad as reported.

There is a simple way of getting Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” all to yourself.

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  1. Love Amsterdam!!

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