Hola Colombia!

Having spent part of the winter in Asia, part of the spring in Europe, and most of the summer in North America, the fall season brings me to South America — BogotáColombia to be exact.

One might be skeptical about claims that this city is at par with other South American capitals. But Colombia in general is experiencing a tourist resurgence. This subtropical country has clamped down on violence and cleaned up its act. I am here to check it out!


No one’s here! Lots of room in flight.
First Stop: Juan Valdez Coffee Shop


  1. Where are you ?!?!
    I thought that you were heading to Florence!!!
    Looks amazing ! Enjoy yourself !

    1. Last minute change of plans! Thought I’d better go somewhere I haven’t been. Hasta la vista!

  2. I want some Colombian coffee please.

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